Award-winning project on violence in schools schule.shz.de

- my tasks: art direction, illustrations, design

* 1st prize at the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung's German Local Journalist Award
     Deutscher Lokaljournalistenpreis der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung
* 1st prize Gutenberg Research Award of Lingen Foundation Cologne
     Gutenberg-Recherchepreis der Lingen-Stiftung Köln
* Winner of the BVKJ Media Prize 2020 in the area of digital storytelling
     BVKJ-Medienpreis 2020
* publisher award NOZ/mh:n 2019 in the area of visual appearance
     Herausgeberpreis von NOZ MEDIEN und mh:n MEDIEN

Merchandising article for the YouTube channel "Die Fahrrad-Fanatiker" shirtee.com/de/store/fahrradfanatiker

my tasks:
- design of several motifs for "Die Fahrrad-Fanatiker"
- set up a t-shirt shop and print templates for stickers

Election returns published on SHZ.de Bundestagswahl

technical info:
- "responsive web design" and "mobile first" with jQuery Mobile
- the graphic is filled in real time at the evening of the election
- integration of interactive SVG graphics
- requireJS as module loader

stern.de HTML5 / JavaScript / jQuery projects

technical info:
- several interactiv grafics using HTML5 technics

Financial Times Germany for almost four years I worked for the online edition of the
"Financial Times Deutschland" until the newspaper was closed

HTML5 / JavaScript / jQuery projects

tagesschau.de G7 - narrative graphics

- storybord and illustrations for an animation film

greenpeace-magazin.de C02-game

- HTML5 technics: jQuery/JSON/JavaScript animation library

Doctoral thesis of Yijie Wang mugi.hfmt-hamburg.de/Yang_Guifei/

- online version of Yijie Wangs doctoral thesis featuring a modern Chinese Opera
- client University of Music and Theatre (HfMT)
- HTML5 technics: jQuery/Bootstrap/video

E-Learning project for University of Music and Theatre (HfMT) "Musikschriftstellerinnen im 19. Jahrhundert"

technical info:
- D3.js: JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data
- backbone as MVC framework
- requireJS as JavaScript file and module loader
- HTML5 technics: jQuery, jQuery UI, jQuery plugins
- jQuery plugin tabletop.js for loading data
- node.js with r.js for minification

interactiv D3.js sketch

technical info:
- LESS as dynamic stylesheet language
- Modernizr for feature detection
- minification of JavaScript files to reduce bandwidth and the number of HTTP requests
- loading external data using JSON
- Mustache as template system in JavaScript
- providing graceful degradation for outdated browsers

E-Learning Modules "Recherchecafé"
for Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW)
HTML5 - english and german

- modules that teach the logic operations used in the academic library
- texts are maintained by JSON
- giving complex answers depending on the user input
- animation if answer is right, illustrations

HTML5 animation for touri.com local version "Ticketverkauf"        local version "Reiseleiter"


technical info:
- HTML animation created with Adobe Edge Animate CC
- JavaScript library Modernizr for feature detection
- providing graceful degradation for outdated browsers

Pitch for the international agency DRAFTCB (www.draftfcb.com)
Client Beiersdorf AG, product Nivea
It is not possible to show the work because of legal issues

technical info:
- interactive prototype visualising a new design concept
- animation using Flash IDE and programmed animation using Tween libraries (TweenLite, Caurina)

Special for the Unilever product AXE.de and Rollouts Special for the Unilever product AXE.de consisting of a full-sized video.

This work is not online anymore. Screenshots

technical info:
- integration of resizable full-sized video with preloader
- programming of XML editable menu
- integration of sound
- producing a German version a French version of the Special
- producing the Swiss and Austrian version of the Unilever product website for the deodorant AXE INSTINCT


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