in all samples I am designer as well as programmer

Charts generated by one line of code


technical info:
- one line of code or in other words one tag generates a bar or pie chart
- developed for the use in articles so that a very fast and simple visualization of data is possible
- using SVG, VML, the JavaScript Library Raphaël and jQuery

Homepage FTD.de

new module for stock market prices

technical info:
- prominent module on the homepage of FTD.de
- display of live stock-market prices
- use of jQuerys animations features
- use of the JavaScript Library Highcharts
- integration of many extra features like monitoring and reacting on the different opening times of stock markets or the ability to add links to related articles to the curve


technical info:
- customizing jQuery Vector Maps (jqvmap.com) for the use on www.FTD.de
- adding new maps by converting Illustrator files to SVG Code
- adding possibilities to show additional information when the user is interacting with the map
- connecting the data to Google spreadsheets so that editorial journalist can use the maps without technical knowledge


technical info:
- display of a RSS data feed
- customizing the jQuery UI accordion component
- use of the JavaScript Library Highcharts JS to draw the curve


technical info:
- customization of TimelineJS (timeline.verite.co) for the use on www.FTD.de
- integration of pictures, Google maps and video
- providing data by Google spreadsheets so that editorial journalist can use the timeline without technical knowledge
- building a module to be displayed in an article
- adding additional features like Headline and Subheadline

all presented projects are part of my work for "Financial Times Deutschland"
they are property of the "Gruner+Jahr GmbH"

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