Please note: many projects are only online for a limited time and
are stored on customers' servers, so I cannot present them here.

Award-winning project on violence in schools schule.shz.de

- my tasks: art direction, illustrations, design

* 1st prize at the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung's German Local Journalist Award
     Deutscher Lokaljournalistenpreis der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung
* 1st prize Gutenberg Research Award of Lingen Foundation Cologne
     Gutenberg-Recherchepreis der Lingen-Stiftung Köln
* Winner of the BVKJ Media Prize 2020 in the area of digital storytelling
     BVKJ-Medienpreis 2020
* publisher award NOZ/mh:n 2019 in the area of visual appearance
     Herausgeberpreis von NOZ MEDIEN und mh:n MEDIEN

greenpeace-magazin.de C02-game (local version)

- HTML5 technics: JSON/JavaScript animation library

Doctoral thesis of Yijie Wang mugi.hfmt-hamburg.de/Yang_Guifei/

- online version of Yijie Wangs doctoral thesis featuring a modern Chinese Opera
- client University of Music and Theatre (HfMT)
- HTML5 technics: jQuery/Bootstrap/video

Election returns published on SHZ.de Federal election 2017,
Federal state and Schwerin mayor 2016,
European elections and local elections 2014

local version with test data

technical info:
- the graphic is filled in real time at the evening of the election
- integration of interactive SVG graphics
- "responsive web design" and "mobile first"
- requireJS as module loader

E-Learning Modules "Mindmap"
for Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW)

- moduls for the HAW e-learning platform
- used in an online course to learn the process of finding a subject for a thesis or dissertation
- technics: HTML5, JavaScript, node.js , npm package manager, Model-View-Controller (MVC) software design pattern, canvas API, Jake build tool, minifying and concatting scripts with UglifyJS

stern.de HTML5 / JavaScript

technical info:
- several interactiv grafics using HTML5 technics

Financial Times Germany HTML5 / JavaScript

for almost four years I worked for the online edition of the
"Financial Times Deutschland" until the newspaper was closed

tagesschau.de G7 - narrative graphics

- storybord and illustrations for an animation film

Special for the Unilever product AXE.de and Rollouts Special for the Unilever product AXE.de consisting of a full-sized video.

This work is not online anymore. Screenshots

technical info:
- integration of resizable full-sized video with preloader
- programming of editable menu
- integration of sound
- producing a German version a French version of the Special
- producing the Swiss and Austrian version of the Unilever product website for the deodorant AXE INSTINCT

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